Filmmaker Lauri Danska heads on a mission in terms of finding out whether he could re-connect with his past as a cellist.

Fifteen years ago I had an honour to become a student of Heikki Rautasalo, one of the most renowned cellists in Finland. Heikki had been struggling with multiple illnesses for years and he didn’t have much time left. But nevertheless he agreed to teach me and became my mentor.

I felt there was something truly special about Heikki and I wanted to document his wisdom. But soon after we had started filming Heikki passed away. Our documentary wasn’t finished and I didn’t continue my career as a cellist either.

Ten years after Heikki’s departure I started to wonder whether I could finally bring my documentary into an end. Why had the years I spent with Heikki been so significant? As if I had learnt more about life itself than about music. I wanted to find a music teacher who’s a role mode for today’s young musicians. Luckily I met Anja Maja.

Told through the eyes of the filmmaker, The Music Teacher explores the world of music teaching and relationships between teachers and students.

Duration: 30 min Commissioner: Ari Lehikoinen, Yle 2018

  • Director Lauri Danska

  • Cinematography Petri Krook, Raimo Uunila 

  • Composer Mari Sainio

  • Story Consultant Henriikka Himma

  • Sound Recordist Tomi Dahlman, Ari-Pekka Heikkinen, Pekka Pylkkö

  • Editor Anne Halttunen

  • Sound Designer Tomi Dahlman

  • Graphic Designer Antti Kervinen

  • Colourist Marcus Lönnqvist

  • Production Manager Maija Roivainen

  • Producer / Commissioner Ari Lehikoinen