Filmmaker Lauri Danska heads on a mission in order to find out whether he could re-connect with his past as a cellist.

Fifteen years ago I had an honour to become a student of Heikki Rautasalo, one of the most renowned cellist in Finland. Heikki was going through a difficult period in his life as he suffered from a serious illness. But nevertheless he agreed to teach me and became my mentor.

I felt there was something truly special about Heikki and I wanted to capture his wisdom on film. But soon after we had started filming Heikki passed away. Our documentary was never finished and I didn’t continue my career as a cellist either.

Ten years after Heikki’s departure I started to wonder whether I could finally bring my documentary into an end. What makes a great music teacher? Why the years I spent with Heikki had been so significant? As if I had learnt much more than just about playing music. I wanted to find the best cello teacher I could and then I bumped into Anja Maja..

Told through the eyes of the filmmaker, The Music Teacher explores the world of music teaching and relationships between teachers and students.

Duration: 30 min Commissioner: Ari Lehikoinen, Yle 2018

  • Director Lauri Danska

  • Cinematography Petri Krook, Raimo Uunila 

  • Composer Mari Sainio

  • Story Consultant Henriikka Himma

  • Sound Recordist Tomi Dahlman, Ari-Pekka Heikkinen, Pekka Pylkkö

  • Editor Anne Halttunen

  • Sound Designer Tomi Dahlman

  • Graphic Designer Antti Kervinen

  • Colourist Marcus Lönnqvist

  • Production Manager Maija Roivainen

  • Producer / Commissioner Ari Lehikoinen