Masterclasses with Nick Broomfield, Kim Longinotto and Olly Lambert #NFTS

The second year at the National Film and Television School started inspiringly. Our Documentary Directing class had a wonderful workshop with Olly Lambert, who is known as a renowned UK based filmmaker and especially awarded for his conflict documentaries, like Syria: Across the Lines. One of the points he made was that as a Documentary Filmmaker you should always stay honest in terms of the film you are about to make, especially when your contributors feel worried about possible consequences towards their appearance in the film.

A Few days later Nick Broomfield screened his new documentary "Tales of the Grim Sleeper." The film started as a serial killer investigation in LA, but managed to illustrate a double city, where part of the society has been actively forgotten, even to a point where the killer could continue his acts for over 20 year before getting accidentally caught.